Since moving into the new house, and being here for a few months now, we have found some of the issues the property has that no one told us about…

The property hasn’t been appropriately maintained for years.  We have been slowly mowing and taking down trees in the back 4 acres.  I knew this house was going to be hard work and I thought I was ready for anything…  I am finding out exactly how out of shape I am!!  Don’t get me wrong, I love the work, it is all totally worth it, but holy hell.

The house hasn’t been maintained as well as it looked either.  We have those Asian beetles and boxelder bugs living in our siding and finding ways into our house.  All winter we have been dealing with these guys!  I was searching for a safe and more natural way to handle these guys since I have a slew of critters in my house that I don’t want to harm.

We are trying Diatomaceous Earth first.  We took apart the draining track area of all of our windows and sprinkled it in there, under our siding, and basically anywhere that wouldn’t get wet.  Supposedly, if this stuff gets wet, it is no longer effective.  We will see how this all goes.  The way it works is basically it dehydrates the bugs and they die.  If they eat the DE it’s super sharp and cuts up their insides as well as it dehydrates them.  It sounds horrible and writing it down makes me feel bad about it but, I know that if any birds, dogs, cats, or anything eats these dead bugs they will not be harmed from the DE!

Has anyone else used this before?  Was it successful?  I would LOVE to know if this is going to work rather than waiting and seeing!!  As usual, let me know if you have any thoughts, ideas, or opinions on what I am writing about!  I love hearing from you!!

Email me at postage2pasture@gmail.com

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