Thank you for visiting!

I am Lisa and this is my page for all the things that make me, me.

This site has a list of things to offer anyone and everyone.  The basic goal is to document my husbands and my transition from a Chicago suburb living to small time farm life.

I want to share what works for us, and what doesn’t, in our mission to start a less wasteful way of living.  Tips and tricks I am learning along the way for all different kinds of projects and crafts, like woodworking, and sewing to recipes we love and tweaks we have made to make them work better for us.

I am currently a Veterinary Technician for a very large specialty hospital in the Chicago suburbs and do a multitude of other “jobs” on the side as well.  I plan weddings, do personal organization, dabble in pet grooming and help others with money management and budgeting.  I am so happy to have finally found a place to share all of them!

My husband and I have been married for 5 years.  We currently have 4 dogs, 2 cats, and a Russian Tortoise.  I am hoping that in the next few years we will be adding chickens or ducks or both, horses and maybe a donkey to that list.


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